Blog 2

When I searched for zombies and how they are associated with the apocalypse I was not expecting to get many reputable sources. I came across a few news articles, an MSU paper, and a few ‘.org’ sites. I first clicked on the first link and discovered that zombies originated in Haiti and belong to voodoo religion. They believe them to be undead corpses that are slaves to their masters. They never tire and do not have their soul. Another source I found would mention the famous media works that started the zombie craze in America. The works were White Zombie and Night of the Living Dead. They did add that the word zombie came from west African languages of Mitsogo and Kongo: ndzumbi and nzambi respectfully. They are associated because of fear that it could bring about the end of human civilization. We are drawn to this fear because of the hope that the survivors in zombie stories bring with them. It is all a change of pace like a natural disaster that catches our eyes.


Blog 1

I can remember one time when the power went out at my house when I was younger. I was living in a trailer park at the time. There was four of us: my parents, my sister and me. I believe we were in the middle of a hurricane that night and if it was it was a really nasty storm. I was still in elementary school so this was several years ago. We had candles and flashlights all over the house, but more where we needed them in places such as the bathroom or the small hallway from the room to the kitchen. Another thing I remember is that it was a hot night and my parents suggested that we should all sleep in the same bed. I would run to the bathroom and splash cold water in my face to stay cool. The four of us slept parallel to the mattress so we can all fit as both me and sister slept in our own beds in our own rooms. The way I handled it was listening to my parents and not making a big fuss about things. I also had a small dog at the time and my sister was crying to have him sleep in the bed with us but my parents weren’t having any of that.